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2017/03/11 02:16:26
Keeping Warm
This week in Hong Kong, temperatures have been fluctuating a lot. The past five working days have co...
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2017/03/10 12:26:37
Professional Embassador
Some have said that I will host the Hong Kong Film Awards this year. Actually, this is just a rumor ...
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2017/03/09 01:56:56
Unique Skills
Recently I had to do the splits in a commercial. This is not something children should casually try ...
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2017/03/08 12:51:04
At a recent activity, I was asked if there was any possibility that I would participate in making a ...
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2017/03/07 08:58:23
At yesterday's luggage rolling competition, I was asked about topics relating to traveling abroa...
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2017/03/06 05:30:48
Luggage Rolling Competition
Earlier, I mentioned to my fans that the DBS Black Card x iGO would have the first luggage rolling c...
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2017/03/05 06:03:04
  I went to Zhengzhou to attend a press conference for a new product from Aupu. The main t...
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2017/03/04 02:02:45
Tomorrow's Business
Before you go to bed, what do you usually do? Watch TV? Listen to music? Read a novel or comic book?...
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