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A Challenge to Physical Fitness
Forty Pound Power Armor
Three Years
Standard of Creation
King and Queen to Join
Terrorist Attack
Another Battlefield
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2017/04/01 05:04:28
Liven Up
In the blink of an eye, it is already April. One-quarter of  2017 has already very quickly pass...
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2017/03/31 04:30:50
New Things
Often we hear and see people aiming to pursue new things, in hopes of creating era-making items. Of ...
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2017/03/30 05:36:43
Your Every Day Life
My fans, you come here every day to see what I have said. That really makes me very happy. Here I am...
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2017/03/29 05:03:01
Team Spirit
 Regardless of the type of work we do, it is fate that brings us together. I see everyone I col...
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2017/03/28 05:03:29
I remember when I attended the press conference in Beijing, for the movie  "Meow". I ...
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2017/03/27 05:51:43
Room for Thought
yA long time ago an elder once said that whether you are saying something, or making a decision, you...
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2017/03/26 02:18:15
Keep Smiling
One-quarter of 2017 has almost passed. What did you pay most attention to? Is it the global economy?...
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2017/03/25 06:00:04
Good Partner
In the movie  "Warriors of the Future", Sean Lau and I are once again working togethe...
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