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2017/05/30 02:57:55
A friend shared with me, the experience he had on his business trip abroad. He and his colleagues we...
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2017/05/29 03:39:01
There are always a lot of people traveling abroad during the holidays, going to different places to ...
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2017/05/28 01:07:07
Welcoming June
May is about to become the past. The arrival of June also means we have come to the mid-point of 201...
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2017/05/27 12:05:14
600 Years
I went to Nansha, Guanzhou to attend a press conference for a new product for He Nian Tang.  I ...
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2017/05/26 03:21:17
Not on the Same Path
In movies there is always a recurring setting where good and evil are against each other. There is t...
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2017/05/25 02:24:41
The Feeling of Jet Lag
Because I often have to work in different cities, I regularly have to fly, and so I have to find way...
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2017/05/24 12:41:12
Every movie has a life of its own, and just like any other creative work, there are always unforgett...
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2017/05/23 05:05:37
News about the movie version of  "A Step into the Past", has continually been reporte...
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