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2017/09/05 12:09:40
Up to Fate
 When we were thanking the audience for "Paradox", besides talking about the possibil...
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2017/09/04 12:09:05
Thanking the Audience for "Paradox"
 Today Hanna Chan, Paco Wong and I, all came to Mongkok to thank an audience at a movie theater...
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2017/09/03 12:53:52
It looks like the weather has stabilized. I don't think it will affect the activity tomorrow, wh...
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2017/09/02 01:09:31
Typhoon After Typhoon
 Unexpectedly typhoon after typhoon keep coming to us! From what I remember, this really is an ...
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2017/09/01 01:09:58
Thanking the Audience of "Paradox
In order to thank everyone who supports  "Paradox"  (recently having been called...
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2017/08/31 03:54:54
"Paradox" in Taiwan
We are about to enter September, and I have heard that another typhoon is coming to Hong Kong. The w...
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2017/08/30 12:08:38
Thank you to everyone that has supported  "Paradox"! Earlier, colleagues from publici...
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2017/08/29 01:07:15
Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentines Day)
On the night of the Qixi Festival, for those who are in love, what plans have you made? Will you go ...
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