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2017 Sep
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2017/09/10 04:09:02
 The audience has been so supportive of  "Paradox", naturally we have been asked...
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2017/09/09 06:27:33
Rainy Night
I just returned home after work. On the way home I ran into some heavy rain. They say that if a typh...
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2017/09/08 02:23:51
Looking Forward for a Long Time
It is finally Friday.  Are all of you who work really looking forward to it? There is no typhoo...
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2017/09/07 02:09:27
Because of the movie  "Paradox", I once again had to go to the studio to record a son...
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2017/09/06 06:09:08
 Since the event to thank the audience has ended, promotional activities for "Paradox"...
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2017/09/05 12:09:40
Up to Fate
 When we were thanking the audience for "Paradox", besides talking about the possibil...
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2017/09/04 12:09:05
Thanking the Audience for "Paradox"
 Today Hanna Chan, Paco Wong and I, all came to Mongkok to thank an audience at a movie theater...
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2017/09/03 12:53:52
It looks like the weather has stabilized. I don't think it will affect the activity tomorrow, wh...
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