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Father and Daughter
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2017 Sep
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2017/09/30 04:00:57
After dark, what does eveyone usually do? Probably after school or work you would go home to have di...
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2017/09/29 02:03:47
Recently, most of the news about Hong Kong has not been good news. Like the traffic accidents that h...
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2017/09/28 05:48:58
News of breakthroughs in biomedical research, often attracts a lot of attention. I am just as intere...
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2017/09/27 05:24:04
Spending Time Together
I see on the streets, that many people have a couple of bags of mooncakes in their hands. The Mid-Au...
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2017/09/26 04:47:53
I think everyone has heard about the bus accident in Sham Shiu. It is so sad to have something like ...
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2017/09/25 02:09:52
 October is approaching, which means we are entering the last quarter of this year. Many friend...
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2017/09/24 02:09:26
Choosing to be the Spokesperson
 Today I attended a promotional activity for Asa Tiles.  A reporter asked me what the crit...
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2017/09/23 02:21:45
 I saw the news about the death of a humpback whale in Australia. The strange thing is that the...
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