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2017/10/13 08:18:25
Artificial Satellite
Recently there has been news regarding the space arms race, which reminds me of the time between the...
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2017/10/12 01:05:32
Movie I'm Looking Forward to
Recently there are many wonderful movies being released. How many have you guys watched? No matter h...
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2017/10/11 12:33:45
Rest in Peace
Sadly, recently the entertainment industry has lost two elite members, including the famous movie so...
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2017/10/10 03:34:13
Urban Legends
Many supernatural movies talk about urban legends. Actually, just like many others, I am also very i...
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2017/10/09 01:40:30
Don't Do Shameful Deeds
When filming movies with a supernatural theme, I'm often asked about taboos related to the topic...
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2017/10/08 00:10:00
20th Anniversary
Earlier, I filmed the movie  "Always be with You", the 20th anniversary commemorative...
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2017/10/07 12:47:32
The recent shooting in Las Vegas caused the deaths of 59 people. I wonder if this incident will caus...
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2017/10/06 12:51:28
News of Safety
After the terrorist attack in the French city of Marseille, it once again causes concern for other E...
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