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2017/11/12 01:16:12
Going to New Zealand
As the part of  "Dynasty Worriors"  to be shot in China is almost finished, earl...
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2017/11/11 03:06:59
Christmas is Coming
Taking a quick glance, I noticed that some shops have already put up Christmas decorations, remindin...
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2017/11/10 01:14:38
The sutures from my eye injury have been removed, and I now know that my eyesight hasn't been af...
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2017/11/09 01:11:00
Elle Style Awards 2017
Earlier I attended an activity for Elle Hong Kong magazine. I want to thank them for giving me their...
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2017/11/08 12:28:15
I have been filming from morning till night, yet I don't have any sleepiness. After all, I am ve...
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2017/11/07 06:02:00
Recently the weather has turned chilly. Even when it is sunny, it doesn't seem hot. This is...
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2017/11/06 00:00:00
Earlier, while filming, I injured my right eye and had to have eight stiches. Now I am very happy to...
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2017/11/05 12:34:44
Working Together Again
I attended an activity with my good friend Jessica Hsuan. Of course media friends asked if we would ...
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