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Taking Care
Cold Wave
2018 Jan
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2018/01/09 02:48:23
Cold Wave
It seems to have come without any warning. Suddenly a cold wave has enveloped the whole city. The Ch...
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2018/01/08 01:57:07
There are many people who choose to travel abroad during the Chinese new year. I see that some citie...
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2018/01/07 04:01:17
Belated Festivity
After enjoying a warm Christmas, here in the new year, we are finally welcoming some colder temperat...
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2018/01/06 12:20:09
The 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival
It's been five consecutive years! This year I will once again be the embassador for the Hong Kon...
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2018/01/05 01:52:35
Famous Words
In the many, many text messages I receive every day, sometimes I will receive from friends, famous s...
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2018/01/04 01:09:10
The World
Everytime I see news about a young person giving up their life, my heart sinks. Regardless of the re...
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2018/01/03 12:35:08
Recently I have often heard people say that time passes so quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it i...
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2018/01/02 02:10:46
A Fine Day
My fans, how did you spend the first day of 2018? Was it satisfactory or not so nice? No matter, the...
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