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Artificial Intelligence
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2018/01/17 03:17:46
Suicide has always been a problem with people that live in the city, and recently there has been mor...
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2018/01/16 02:12:24
The cold weather lasted quite awhile, but recently it seems to be gradually warming up. Around noon ...
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2018/01/15 01:25:18
Filming Commercials
Earlier, I filmed some commercials. Whether I was working with some new friends or re-visiting some ...
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2018/01/14 03:44:12
Every time I notice toy related exhibitions, I always hope I will be able to go and take a look, but...
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2018/01/13 04:01:20
Being nominated by the "Asian Film Festival" for best actor, reminds me of all that happen...
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2018/01/12 03:09:59
I heard the news that I have been nominated for best actor for the  "Asian Film Awards&quo...
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2018/01/11 01:00:44
Taking Care
The cold temperatures, which suddenly appeared, have been the cause of some of the elderly to lose t...
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2018/01/10 12:24:19
Usually at the beginning of each year, we make plans for the new year, hoping to follow the plan ste...
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