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2018/02/28 12:29:58
"A Step into the Past" in the Air
I learned that beginning in March, an airline will begin showing all 40 episodes of  "A St...
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2018/02/27 12:02:21
New Blood
The Lunar New Year's holiday has ended and March is quietly approaching, and the time for the Ho...
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2018/02/26 01:48:10
Fear of Extraterrestrials
Recently I saw some reports discussing the subject of extraterrestrials building colonies on Earth. ...
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2018/02/25 03:34:59
Utilizing Your Holiday
Even if your Lunar New Year holiday is longer than most, I think you must have gone back to work by ...
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2018/02/24 12:52:12
Artificial Intelligence
Since machines with artificial intelligence can now communicate with each other, it is no longer som...
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2018/02/23 02:14:25
Happy Birthday to All
Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, which is also everyone's birthday. Here I'd ...
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2018/02/22 02:03:50
All the Best
I know some people are still on break, but for most people the lunar new year has ended. On the firs...
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2018/02/21 01:02:17
Good Luck With Going Back to Work
 All my working fans, are you going back to work on the fifth day of the new year? I hope you h...
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