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2018/03/10 06:51:51
Your Own Script
I think everyone has a script of their own. It is totally unique and many plot lines have already be...
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2018/03/09 12:03:31
I once read a very interesting article. It describes how living in this world is like having a piece...
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2018/03/08 01:10:33
A Trip to Thailand
Recently I have returned to Thailand, but not to continue with the story of  "Paradox"...
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2018/03/07 12:25:48
Since the movie has been well received, many media friends have asked whether the story of  &qu...
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2018/03/06 02:01:33
Leather Jacket
I was asked what kind of clothing is always a necessity for me? It is something that is never out of...
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2018/03/05 12:27:53
Fog in Movies
One moment it is cold, and the next it's hot, so naturally there is a lot of fog. At night it sh...
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2018/03/04 01:10:12
Microscopic War
I remember when I was little, I saw a movie about how, in order to treat patients or search for some...
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2018/03/03 02:21:35
If you have old orthopedic injuries, the recent big changes in weather must be uncomfortable for you...
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