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The Meaning of Things
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2017/11/04 01:01:56
At my birthday every year, I am always reminded that the year will soon be in the past. November is ...
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2017/11/03 05:14:33
Open For Business as Usual
Today I attended an event for a magazine. Media friends were still very concerned about my eye injur...
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2017/11/02 02:22:18
Terrorist Attack in New York
When I went to work this morning, I immediately heard the news about the terrorist attack in New Yor...
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2017/11/01 12:29:11
Recently I have been having many both big and small meetings with my colleagues. Many ideas, prepara...
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2017/10/31 04:53:27
Travel Plans
We're going into November, and many people are making their end-of-year traveling plans. Whether...
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2017/10/30 04:46:44
Waiting Patiently
Thank you to all fans for your concern. Right now the condition of my injury is still uncertain. We ...
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2017/10/29 01:38:00
Old Cell Phone
Recently, a photo that captured me talking on my cell phone, is causing everyone to talk about how t...
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2017/10/28 06:45:41
I heard about the passing of Mr. Willie Chan. I feel really sad! He had devoted himself to the enter...
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