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2017/11/26 03:52:58
Sad News
Recently there has been too much bad news. Many of us feel very unsafe. Any kind of tiny disturbance...
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2017/11/25 03:39:52
This year is about to become part of the past. Many people will take this time to do some self exami...
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2017/11/24 01:22:49
As an important person in the entertainment industry, the passing of Ms. Mona Fong, is a sorrowful e...
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2017/11/23 08:37:46
Back to the Battlefield
After finishing the promotional activity and work meetings, once again I return to the "battlef...
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2017/11/22 01:41:44
Humans often hope to be rewarded after putting in an effort, for instance with money or acknowledgem...
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2017/11/21 05:08:35
Action Scene After Action Scene
I'm about to go to Malaysia to film an action movie. Since my injury hasn't completely heale...
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2017/11/20 00:00:00
Thank you to my fans and other friends, for your concern about my injury. Currently, my eye is mostl...
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2017/11/19 01:21:07
Game of Speed
Today I came to Macau to attend a press conference for the Suncity Group, announcing their plans for...
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