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Your Heart in the Beginning
New Partner
A Form of Art
Night Rain
Philosophy of a Razor
Conspiracy Theory
Attain Achievement for Yourself
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2018/02/02 12:55:54
My fans, every day when you go out to work or school, what kind of essentials do you take with you? ...
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2018/02/01 06:12:27
Long-Term War
Originally I thought that the cold weather would last only a week. But now I've heard that the l...
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2018/01/31 04:00:00
Today the date for the Hong Kong Film Awards has been announced, and is confirmed for April 15th. Th...
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2018/01/30 02:17:38
Flash Freeze
The temperature suddenly drops. It's like Batman's mortal enemy, Mr. Freeze, who makes use o...
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2018/01/29 04:44:39
I myself am also a movie fan. Of course I payed attention to this year's Oscar nominations list....
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2018/01/28 02:45:13
Heroes from the Three Kingdoms
The fervor for superhero movies is still continuing in 2018. Movie fans from all over the world stil...
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2018/01/27 07:01:57
The End of the World
I think everyone has heard about the "doomsday clock". It is to remind us about nuclear th...
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2018/01/26 12:58:06
Arcade Center
In this era of cell phone games, we can still see arcade centers/shops on the streets, which surpris...
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