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A Hard Day
Typhoon Signal Number Ten
Food Supply
Natural Disaster
Throw Down
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2018/02/14 04:55:09
The day that's filled with a romantic air is here. At this year's Valentine's Day, if yo...
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2018/02/13 02:34:16
Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild
I'm really happy and honored to be the new president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild....
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2018/02/12 01:34:50
The bus accident in Tai Po is still under investigation. Unexpectedly, another car accident happened...
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2018/02/11 04:09:35
Sometime during the evening, a bus rolled over on Tai Po Road. I saw on TV what happened at the sigh...
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2018/02/10 01:25:16
Facing it Bravely
The earthquake in Taiwan really makes one feel so sad. Many sad things have unfortunately happened, ...
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2018/02/09 12:28:57
Congratulating Us
Being favored to win, the whole cast and crew of "Paradox" are all very happy. Here I woul...
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2018/02/08 01:03:14
I learned that I have been nominated for the best actor award at this year's Hong Kong film awar...
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2018/02/07 12:36:56
It felt like temperatures had started to go back up, so I thought the cold front had finally left. I...
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