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A Hard Day
Typhoon Signal Number Ten
Food Supply
Natural Disaster
Throw Down
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2018/04/01 01:11:36
Trailer for "Tomorrow"
The movie "Warriors of the Future" (Chinese name is "Tomorrow's War"), which...
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2018/03/31 02:58:05
The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony Special
 I saw the cover of this year's Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony Special. In con...
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2018/03/30 01:13:38
"Gugu", how are you? After the serendipitous seven years ago on the plane, just recently I...
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2018/03/29 12:03:13
End of Filming For "Sons of the Neon Night"
The movie "Sons of the Neon Night", which has been filming for quite sometime, has been co...
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2018/03/28 12:42:04
Fake Identity
Recently, a social network account emerged, pretending to be mine. It has stolen pictures and writin...
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2018/03/27 02:03:19
 The annual filmart has successfully ended. After introducing movies of different themes and to...
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2018/03/26 01:03:51
Hurry and Buy Tickets
  The annual film festival has already officially opened. I have already taken part in rel...
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2018/03/25 12:53:29
Death Notify
At Filmart I also attended the promotion for the movie "Death Notify", which will start fi...
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