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2018/04/14 01:20:24
I read an article that says every time we breathe, it means we have lived a bit longer. Every time w...
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2018/04/13 01:56:09
Unaware of the Passage of Time
When discussing creative work with my colleagues, different themes, different people and event, diff...
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2018/04/12 01:09:23
I'm working with Brooks Brothers on their 200th anniversary. We both have the same definition fo...
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2018/04/11 01:16:23
Feeling the Excellence
Men's suits are a gentlemen's battle uniform. This saying isn't an exaggeration at all. ...
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2018/04/10 01:28:56
A Classic Air
It definitely isn't an easy task for a brand to last 200 years. It must have a way to become a c...
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2018/04/09 01:12:28
You can read about news that has to do with extraterrestrials almost every day. There are always peo...
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2018/04/08 01:03:20
This year is the year of the dog, so we keep seeing images of cute dogs appearing in different media...
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2018/04/07 01:31:59
I was discussing science fiction with some of my colleagues. Even for the sun, with such strong powe...
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