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Philosophy of a Razor
Conspiracy Theory
Attain Achievement for Yourself
Bottle of Power
2018 Apr
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2018/04/20 01:09:36
Health is Priceless
I have many friends who like to run marathons, so I pay special attention to the race in Boston. Whe...
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2018/04/19 12:21:50
Fateful Linkage
When I look at the house program, it reminds me that Ms. Mo and I were standing side by side and coi...
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2018/04/18 00:04:00
  Thank you to the Hong Kong Film Awards and all that voted for me, because you gave me an...
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2018/04/17 02:01:38
Elected by the People
Today I was interviewed by several magazines, including the movie website Movie 6. I am very gratefu...
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2018/04/16 04:51:05
Thank You
Thank you everyone for your support, so that I was awarded best actor of the Hong Kong Film Awards. ...
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2018/04/15 01:01:47
Caring Partner HKFA Caring
I am very happy to share with my fans that as the ambassador for "Caring Partner HKFA Caring&qu...
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2018/04/14 01:20:24
I read an article that says every time we breathe, it means we have lived a bit longer. Every time w...
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2018/04/13 01:56:09
Unaware of the Passage of Time
When discussing creative work with my colleagues, different themes, different people and event, diff...
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