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2018/04/23 01:04:34
A Simple Life
 Today I came to Changzhou to attend a promotional activity for Yaxiya products. This brands th...
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2018/04/22 04:04:53
Fresh Wave Awards Ceremony
 Any profession needs fresh blood. The performing arts of course is on exception. Ever since &q...
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2018/04/21 01:04:31
I have been receiving congratulations from many colleagues and friends, and many dinner parties awai...
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2018/04/20 01:09:36
Health is Priceless
I have many friends who like to run marathons, so I pay special attention to the race in Boston. Whe...
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2018/04/19 12:21:50
Fateful Linkage
When I look at the house program, it reminds me that Ms. Mo and I were standing side by side and coi...
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2018/04/18 00:04:00
  Thank you to the Hong Kong Film Awards and all that voted for me, because you gave me an...
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2018/04/17 02:01:38
Elected by the People
Today I was interviewed by several magazines, including the movie website Movie 6. I am very gratefu...
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2018/04/16 04:51:05
Thank You
Thank you everyone for your support, so that I was awarded best actor of the Hong Kong Film Awards. ...
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