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2018 Apr
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2018/04/30 01:03:41
Thank you to all of you for your congratulations on my awards, and that also includes my friends in ...
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2018/04/29 01:05:41
The Best Celebration Banquet
Two evenings ago, I ate with my colleagues. This banquet was named "The Best Celebration Banque...
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2018/04/28 01:27:20
Continuing the Story
The success of the "SPL" series makes many media friends curious about whether there will ...
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2018/04/27 01:07:32
Everyone knows that I am a Star Wars fan, and superhero movies are also a favorite of mine. Many of ...
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2018/04/26 01:41:57
Theme of the End of the World
Compared to movies, nowadays TV series have a lot of potential and their topics also have the unique...
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2018/04/25 02:04:27
A Chance to Work Together
 Earlier, at a press conference for Fresh Wave, I ran into Kara Hui. We talked about how we bot...
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2018/04/24 12:57:21
Remembering the "Files"
It turns out that late at night TVB is showing "Detective Investigative Files" again, and ...
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2018/04/23 01:04:34
A Simple Life
 Today I came to Changzhou to attend a promotional activity for Yaxiya products. This brands th...
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