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2018/06/29 03:18:47
It is hard to believe that someone would put pins on bus seats. What was someone who would do such a...
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2018/06/28 01:57:48
Even though I didn't watch the live broadcast, after every World Cup match there is so much disc...
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2018/06/27 01:06:50
Life Form
After NASA sent probes to Mars several years ago, they have been exploring the surface of Mars. Rece...
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2018/06/26 05:00:31
A Brand New Story
Filming of the movie  "White Storm 2" has started. Although it's the second episo...
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2018/06/25 12:06:10
I just can't understand why people would abandon their once beloved dogs and just leave them to ...
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2018/06/24 01:06:19
I have heard that no matter how secretive they are regarding the story of superhero movies, often sp...
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2018/06/23 04:07:42
The series of superhero movies are still winners all over the world. Yet there have always been many...
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2018/06/22 02:09:18
Concerning the incident where a father abused his own daughter, causing her to be in a vegetative st...
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