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2018/07/06 01:31:04
Rainy Season
It's suppose to be the rainy season? there no way to tell anymore? Nowadays, sunshine an...
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2018/07/05 12:25:16
No Spoilers
Because of work, I can't always watch the newly released movies right away. Yet in this internet...
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2018/07/04 03:13:16
There are no seasons when you're filming a movie, in fact, it is often the opposite. We'll f...
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2018/07/03 01:43:15
The movie  "A Witness Out of the Blue"  has officially started filming. What mak...
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2018/07/02 12:18:18
Storm Approaching
The weather is abnormally hot and muggy. Because this kind of thing often happens, it has now become...
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2018/07/01 06:11:51
Strong teams were fouled one after another, making this year's World Cup seem pretty unexpected....
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2018/06/30 04:06:18
A Witness Out of the Blue
 On this extremely hot day, filming started for the movie  "A Witness Out of the Blue...
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2018/06/29 03:18:47
It is hard to believe that someone would put pins on bus seats. What was someone who would do such a...
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