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Quality Over Quantity
The Philosophy of the Brand
Evolution Types
Rapid Impermanence
The Power of Letting Go
Predicting the Future
Another Galaxy
2018 Aug
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2018/08/15 01:35:12
What has to come will eventually come. The record-breaking typhoon signal number 1, which has been h...
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2018/08/14 12:08:29
Philosophy of a Razor
A friend sent me a sentence quote through a text. It is a quote from the British writer Maugham:...&...
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2018/08/13 12:56:23
This typhoon seems to be playing a game with Hong Kong. It has already been going back and forth for...
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2018/08/12 01:50:44
Conspiracy Theory
News about UFO's, often have something to do with urban legends or conspiracy theories. These ar...
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2018/08/11 02:08:55
Attain Achievement for Yourself
 Today I attended an activity for Guerlain from France, and shared with everyone the "Bott...
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2018/08/10 01:01:35
I was asked whether I had any insight about how to live in this world? The answer is affirmative. I ...
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2018/08/09 01:03:34
In order to achieve success, some wish for a secret formula so that they can immediately leave the p...
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2018/08/08 02:42:20
The movie "L Storm" is the third movie in this series and is about to be released. This ti...
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