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2018/08/23 01:08:03
Formal Attire
 Have my fans already seen my king look in the commercial filmed for the 190th anniversary of G...
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2018/08/22 02:10:02
If you deeply love your work, you won't see your job as a tool for survival, or a means of makin...
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2018/08/21 12:49:18
Mood on Monday
I heard that office workers usually are quite out of it on Mondays. It's like a form of post-hol...
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2018/08/20 01:04:42
Meteorite Explosion
There is often news about meteorites crashing onto Earth, but fortunately they usually don't cau...
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2018/08/19 02:08:14
Your Heart in the Beginning
Today I attended an activity for Asa Tiles. This brand has aready entered their 45th year in busines...
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2018/08/18 01:08:08
New Partner
 Tonight I attended an activiey for YSL cosmetics. It felt very refreshing. Aside from the fact...
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2018/08/17 02:11:56
A Form of Art
Even if it is something minute, a simple thought or way of life, if we do it well, it can become a f...
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2018/08/16 01:50:58
Night Rain
Typhoon signal number 8 didn't happen after all. Is everyone disappointed or what? In return we ...
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