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2018 Aug
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2018/08/31 02:08:52
End of Filming Banquet for "White Storm 2 Drug Lords"
 Today it was so crowded at dinner. That was because it was the banquet to celebrate the comple...
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2018/08/30 01:08:19
No Rainy Season
It's still raining non-stop in Hong Kong. All kinds of flooding problems have caused so many tra...
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2018/08/29 12:53:05
The Feeling of Fall
Earlier, I had to wear winter clothes while filming a movie. You can imagine that kind of hot. But, ...
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2018/08/28 12:31:09
Half a Day Off
Media friends asked me how I was going to celebrate after receiving the award. Actually, I really ha...
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2018/08/27 01:22:58
Thank You Everyone
Today I attended the "16th World Outstanding Chinese Award" ceremony. I'm really honor...
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2018/08/26 12:47:33
Gray Fog
I once saw a movie about a small town surrounded by a thick fog, and there were monsters in the fog ...
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2018/08/25 02:06:37
A friend told me he will make use of nights when he can't sleep, to learn something from compute...
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2018/08/24 12:08:47
Premiere for "L Storm"
Today I attended the premiere for "L Storm". Once again I met with all those who participa...
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