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2018/09/07 04:47:33
Without any warning, Japan has had to face catastrophic disasters head on, which can extend to other...
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2018/09/06 12:09:28
"L Storm"
 Today I came to Beijing to attend a press conference for the movie "L Storm". With m...
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2018/09/05 12:48:44
The TV series "Detective Investigation Files IV" was re-shown earlier. Did you watch it? M...
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2018/09/04 12:09:53
"L Storm" Celebratory Banquet
 The movie "L Storm" is doing well at the box office and has received support from au...
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2018/09/03 01:34:17
Plans for Rainy Days
Today we can finally see the sun. I thought it would keep raining, but it finally stopped. It turns ...
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2018/09/02 01:56:04
Survival Game
Even if I am busy with work, occasionally I will also play video games to help relax. I noticed that...
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2018/09/01 02:22:47
In movies there are often plenty of action scenes. I personally prefer doing those scenes myself. Fo...
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2018/08/31 02:08:52
End of Filming Banquet for "White Storm 2 Drug Lords"
 Today it was so crowded at dinner. That was because it was the banquet to celebrate the comple...
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