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2018/09/30 05:10:10
Earth's Furor
The typhoon signal number 10 in Hong Kong, the typhoon in Okinawa, and the earthquake and tsunami in...
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2018/09/29 01:09:42
Collaborated Creation
 I'm very happy to be able to share this news with everyone...I was invited by Brooks Broth...
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2018/09/28 02:09:41
Roles I Look Forward to
Speaking of the most common questions I get at interviews, it seems to always be "what is the r...
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2018/09/27 12:46:53
The "Storm" series has now produced a third movie. I'm really touched that everyone is...
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2018/09/26 12:18:44
A Sunday Atmosphere
Today is a holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Has anyone been chasing after the moon? A friend sai...
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2018/09/25 01:21:58
Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important festival in our country. My fans, did you spend your time wi...
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2018/09/24 03:36:29
Great Contribution
I once met Sir Charles K. Kao. Today I heard about his passing and feel very sad. Knowing that he pa...
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2018/09/23 01:27:48
I saw the promotional trailers for the newest superhero movies. Two of them feature villains to be t...
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