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The Power of Letting Go
Predicting the Future
Another Galaxy
I Miss Malaysia
Beginning of Autumn
Line Walker Premiere
The Price of Flying
2018 Oct
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2018/10/14 12:47:44
Second Place
I saw some news about a soccer coach. He talked about his views regarding winning. He thinks that th...
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2018/10/13 01:10:24
I was asked how I can make improvements at work? For me, instead of saying improvements, it would be...
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2018/10/12 12:10:42
 Tonight I attended a 30th anniversary activity for the fashion magazine "BAZAAR". It...
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2018/10/11 12:31:25
Fans criticize that a slightly different superhero movie that's been regarded as having a dark s...
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2018/10/10 02:10:03
Meteorite Fans
Apart from extraterrestrials, space fans are also interested in news about meteorites hitting Earth....
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2018/10/09 02:16:59
The Meaning of Things
I think many people have had the experience when they have tried very hard, but things don't tur...
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2018/10/08 02:11:00
Some very smart people only need to give it some thought to know what path they, and even other peop...
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2018/10/07 02:56:05
Recently some scientists announced that there will be a brand new way to make connect with extraterr...
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