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2018/11/03 04:09:28
For Hongkongers, 2018 really has been filled with the sadness of partings. So many giants have passe...
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2018/11/02 03:21:07
Slow Down
There is a lot of news about improvement every day in the world, and everyone focuses on how fast so...
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2018/11/01 04:52:45
Unlimited Possibilities
Today I saw that many newspapers presented the passing of Mr. Jin Rong as their headline. I saw that...
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2018/10/31 01:10:53
Good-bye Knight
This afternoon I heard the news that Mr. Jin Rong had passed away. Of course I felt pretty sad. Howe...
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2018/10/30 01:15:00
The environment that the community my company is located at is constantly changing. Even though I ha...
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2018/10/29 12:48:45
November is about to be here. That also means that 2018 will soon be in the past. Before that happen...
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2018/10/28 05:05:30
Things We Like
My fans, in your heart, do you have some hobby or thing you like that you know you just won't ge...
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2018/10/27 01:14:47
On this happy Friday, I choose to continue resting. That means I'm quietly staying at home. Chec...
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