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2018/11/13 01:01:41
Because of Juno's invitation, I went into a recording studio and sang a duet with Kay Tse. A son...
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2018/11/12 02:02:58
Important Matches
Saturdays and Sundays for sports fans, are important days for matches with big battles in games like...
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2018/11/11 12:32:13
Everyone has a different personality. When considering life and time, we all have dreams we think ar...
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2018/11/10 05:26:34
Green City
The typhoon Mangkhut seems to be in the past, but the destruction it caused is still bringing proble...
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2018/11/09 03:36:59
Starting Anew
Any kind of creative process cannot avoid having to start anew. Only when we keep on starting over, ...
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2018/11/08 02:23:25
Today we were discussing scripts. We talked about how we should all have goals, but some asked why t...
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2018/11/07 12:37:23
When I went by a sports field, I saw a lot of people running, which reminded me of the annual marath...
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2018/11/06 12:56:36
Animal News
Like many people, I pay special attention to news concerning animals. When I see happy stories, I fe...
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