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2018/11/19 02:11:56
Resting as the Sun Goes Down
By chance I caught the glimpse of a notebook in a colleagues hand. On it, it said "Going to wor...
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2018/11/18 07:16:27
The 55th Golden Horse Awards brought some news that makes me very happy. Best Supporting Actor was a...
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2018/11/17 08:11:54
Nip it in the Bud
After I announced that I have received surgery for my shifted vertebrae, my fans and media friends h...
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2018/11/16 01:11:18
Clean and Clear
 Today I attended a promotional event for Philips 59000 Prestige shaver. Actually, I am persona...
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2018/11/15 12:56:55
Thank you to everyone for your interest in my duet. As for media friends asking my opinion regarding...
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2018/11/14 03:17:08
The Definition of Hero
Stan Lee, the creative giant in superhero culture, who was influential around the world, has passed ...
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2018/11/13 01:01:41
Because of Juno's invitation, I went into a recording studio and sang a duet with Kay Tse. A son...
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2018/11/12 02:02:58
Important Matches
Saturdays and Sundays for sports fans, are important days for matches with big battles in games like...
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