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2018/11/30 06:26:29
Counter Attack
It seems that no one is talking about typhoon Mangkhut any more. It is as if people have forgotten a...
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2018/11/29 03:30:58
Fall Colors
The weather is getting stranger and stranger, but actually it is not something new any more. It is a...
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2018/11/28 04:16:58
A Storybook
Earlier, at Juno Mak's and Kay Tse's concert, they used storybook as their theme, centering ...
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2018/11/27 01:11:49
Executive Ability
Many entrepreneurs and human resource management experts emphasize the importance of the ability in ...
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2018/11/26 01:13:37
Starting From the End
I was chatting with my colleagues, who like to watch TV shows from the US. I found out that many of ...
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2018/11/25 04:17:32
Appropriate Arena
Even if you are highly capable,  if you can't bring results that benefit the company, there...
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2018/11/24 01:35:20
Today is the last Saturday of November. That means we're about to face the last month of this ye...
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2018/11/23 01:11:24
Party Storm
 Last night I talked about the "Storm" series with my fans. Tonight we have announced...
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