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The Power of Letting Go
Predicting the Future
Another Galaxy
I Miss Malaysia
Beginning of Autumn
Line Walker Premiere
The Price of Flying
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2018/12/14 01:00:00
Only You Yourself Know
There are a lot of things that you can only truly understand through actual actions. Many great peop...
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2018/12/13 01:12:18
Thank You
 I am very happy to receive the "Buzz 18 Award" from Yahoo Asia, so that I can share ...
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2018/12/12 05:59:54
Whenever it gets to the end of the year, we more or less will think about things related to the new ...
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2018/12/11 01:05:16
I was discussing with my colleagues, the topic of justice. I believe there is justice in this world,...
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2018/12/10 02:03:54
Martial Arts Market
As teacher Jin Yong has passed on, creative works related to the martial arts theme have been receiv...
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2018/12/09 12:12:55
 Today I attended a publicity activity for "Aoshan Ice and Snow Fantasy Tour". I'...
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2018/12/08 02:15:16
It is not even the middle of the month, and a lot of people have already traveled abroad and are cel...
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2018/12/07 01:57:45
Are there any of my fans in France? The protest in France is still going on. I hope you will be care...
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