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2018/12/23 00:00:00
Winter Solstice
My fans, Happy Winter Solstice! This year the weather in Hong Kong is very warm, there is totally no...
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2018/12/22 02:12:44
Thinking back on previous years when it was getting close to Christmas, the weather had already beco...
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2018/12/21 02:12:28
Martial Arts in Guangzhou
 I'm continuing with the promotional tour for the movie "Kung Fu Monster". Today ...
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2018/12/20 02:12:41
Martial Arts in Wenzhou
 After leaving Beijing we went to Wenzhou to continue with the promotion of the movie  &qu...
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2018/12/19 02:12:57
"Kung Fu Monster" Press Conference
 Today I came to Beijing to attend the press conference for the movie "Kung Fu Monster&quo...
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2018/12/18 01:25:48
At an interview I was asked what is success? Does working hard mean you are successful? Actually I h...
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2018/12/17 01:36:49
Staying in the Field
Whenever there are big soccer matches, my friends or colleagues will all become very tense. Speaking...
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2018/12/16 01:23:40
Money Falling From the Sky
Today there was a piece of breaking news that there were dollar bills falling from the sky in Sham S...
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