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2019/01/12 01:36:30
Running Toward the Goal
I see that more and more people are running in the morning, which means the day for the marathon is ...
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2019/01/11 01:01:18
Going Upstream
It turns out "Men on the Dragon" really is going upstream. It even goes all the way up to ...
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2019/01/10 02:01:11
Do Your Best
There were just too many people who passed on in 2018. Frankly I haven't fully adjusted my emoti...
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2019/01/09 02:01:20
Walk Again
I'm currently filming the movie  "Line Walker 2", and am on a very tight schedule...
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2019/01/08 02:06:44
If one can describe their work as their mission, it would be a really high praise. Yet for those who...
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2019/01/07 02:01:03
Media friends all keep asking how I will celebrate after I receive the award. Actually, recently I h...
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2019/01/06 12:01:26
Encouragement and Respect
After reaching a consensus with my peers at the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, we hope to brin...
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2019/01/05 12:59:00
Supporting the Hong Kong Music Scene
For me, receiving a music award at this time, is an encouragement and a recognition. I think the gra...
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