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2019/02/01 01:30:50
When I was little my elders always said that we shouldn't sound sad or sigh at important moments...
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2019/01/31 12:40:48
Unique Character
Most people hope that we're all unique and don't want others to replace us. Actually, if we&...
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2019/01/30 01:14:28
Whether it's work or life, we must have a goal, and we must strictly adhere to those goals. ...
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2019/01/29 01:01:32
Shelter Port
Everyone should have a shelter port for the heart. When we're there, even if we're hurt or f...
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2019/01/28 12:01:06
We always have wishes for the new year. If we can turn it around so that everything is already going...
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2019/01/27 01:03:07
Not just in Hong Kong, but many cities are threatened by the flu since Winter began. For instance, a...
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2019/01/26 02:41:30
The Mechanism of Luck
At the end and beginning of each new year, there are ofen many books available, discussing your fort...
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2019/01/25 02:42:07
I think all my fans know that collecting toys is my hobby, but in recent years I haven't acquire...
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