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2019/02/10 01:56:19
My fans, do you like history? Did you especially pay attention in class when you were still going to...
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2019/02/09 01:01:10
Lights from Tens of Thousands of Residence
When overseas visitors first come to Hong Kong, they are always shocked by the extremely dense build...
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2019/02/08 02:21:01
My fans, do you believe your intuition? I heard that intuition can be divided into two types. One ap...
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2019/02/07 12:26:56
Good Luck on going Back to Work
The Chinese New Year holiday, in the blink of an eye, has become the past. I want to wish everyone g...
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2019/02/06 12:23:29
The Right Thing
Time constantly marches forward. Many so-called "right" things actually have been changing...
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2019/02/05 12:10:38
Entering the year of the pig, I would like to pay my fans a new year's call, and wish everyone a...
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2019/02/04 12:09:34
Many troubles arise because we don't know how to handle certain things, and the problem is cause...
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2019/02/03 03:24:33
Not a Romantic City
I learned from some script writers that romantic topics like love, definitely aren't their first...
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