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The Power of Letting Go
Predicting the Future
Another Galaxy
I Miss Malaysia
Beginning of Autumn
Line Walker Premiere
The Price of Flying
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2019/03/03 02:15:15
Sunrise and Sunset
I saw some interesting words. We all know that sunrise and sunset are normal phenomena, but the trut...
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2019/03/02 01:22:26
At bookstores or on the internet, we often see many books and articles about financial management. F...
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2019/03/01 02:34:14
Unpopular Topics
Based on the different countries and cities, there are many inique styles seen at the film festival....
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2019/02/28 12:36:08
 There is a saying that anything that happens or exists in this world, is related to everyone i...
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2019/02/27 01:26:27
Film Festival is Here
Following the controversial Oscars, there will be many good movies being shown. That is because the ...
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2019/02/26 12:59:23
Watching this year's Academy Awards Ceremony, my feelings were complicated. There are many thing...
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2019/02/25 02:32:33
They say we should let things take their natural path. Actually, it is a choice and decision to do s...
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2019/02/24 02:20:20
Old Music Records
Do you belong to the era of vinyl records? In recent years many people have gotten into collecing vi...
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