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2019/03/18 12:22:18
Who's the Murderer
As the movie "A Witness Out of the Blue" is about to be released, I think my fans have all...
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2019/03/17 01:22:16
Sense of Security
The shooting in New Zealand really was shocking and makes you speechless. Even scarier was that the ...
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2019/03/16 01:09:33
Destruction of Earth
Works concerning the destruction of Earth as the topic, always have a market and audience. Does it m...
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2019/03/15 01:21:49
Road Movie
My fans, what do you think of "road movies"? Hong Kong isn't big, so it is a bit hard ...
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2019/03/14 12:53:39
Spiritual Level
I think there are moments for everyone to feel unsettled, feeling worry or fear. We must learn how t...
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2019/03/13 04:00:33
I'm really happy that the media is looking forward to the movie "P Storm". When talkin...
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2019/03/12 12:25:13
Real Feeling
In the movie "P Storm", the prison is one of the major scenes. The crew and I had contacte...
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2019/03/11 01:03:44
Undercover Storm
In the movie "P Storm", I will continue to play William Luk. This time the new challenge I...
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