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2019/03/29 12:03:48
Ancient City
By chance I watched a documentary about the ancient Italian city of Pompeii. Even though everyone kn...
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2019/03/28 01:40:32
An 80's band is coming to Hong Kong to hold a concert. Many of my friends and musicians all said...
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2019/03/27 03:03:19
Looking at this still from the movie "A Witness Out of the Blue", I remember when I was go...
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2019/03/26 12:41:18
As a suspense movie, "A Witness Out of the Blue", doesn't try to win hearts with CGI. ...
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2019/03/25 01:06:44
My colleagues have done a lot of hard work. I would like to thank all my peers who have been support...
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2019/03/24 02:34:59
The Original Cast
The thing that I have been looking forward to for a long time, has finally happened. What I am talki...
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2019/03/23 01:03:25
Opening Horizons
 I came to Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin, as the spokesperson for Xiaoda...
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2019/03/22 02:10:08
News About Tomorrow
Thank you to everyone for looking forward to "Warriors of Future". We now officially relea...
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