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2019/04/07 01:04:06
Survival in the Wild
I once saw a TV series about survival in the wild. They taught us about how to survive under dire ci...
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2019/04/06 12:04:00
Using cell phones to take selfies is something almost everyone has tried. Yet recently there has bee...
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2019/04/05 02:41:23
Space Hotel
I heard that the first space museum that orbits Earth, will open for business in 2022. Even though i...
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2019/04/04 02:08:21
Thank You for Your Support
The premiere for the movie "P Storm" received everyone's support. All the cast and cre...
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2019/04/03 03:12:35
I read an article about humans being influenced by light exposure. For those who have been exposed t...
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2019/04/02 01:06:41
Chinese Version
Many popular foreign movies inspire a lot of imagination in the media and movie fans. What would hap...
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2019/04/01 03:52:50
Premiere of "P Storm"
Tonight I attended the premiere for the movie "P Storm". I really must thank Raymond Lam, ...
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2019/03/31 01:31:27
Passing it on Together
The theme of the charity banquet for the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild was "passing it on...
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