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Embrace the Changes
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Everlasting Commemoration of Brother Ping
Venus and Mars
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2019/04/18 03:30:30
Ups and Downs
In life there are often so called periods of highs and lows. It is not possible to be at the same pl...
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2019/04/17 03:28:07
The fire at the Notre Dame de Paris is really so sad. This was one of my favorite buildings, and it ...
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2019/04/16 03:04:02
Celebration for P Storm
 After the film awards, we continuied with another happy party. It is the night of celebration ...
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2019/04/15 01:04:50
 Tonight I am very happy. Congratulations to Ben Yuen and Kara Wai for being awarded "Best...
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2019/04/14 03:20:35
Live Broadcast of the Film Awards from Overseas
Tomorrow is the day for the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony. Who will be awarded the honors? Bes...
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2019/04/13 12:39:41
Going Retro
Even though I don't have time to play video games, I still pay attention to what games are newly...
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2019/04/12 02:01:20
The weather is getting hotter and hotter. More correctly, it is actually getting more and more muggy...
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2019/04/11 12:38:01
Thank You for Your Support
We now have a new work, "P Storm"  for the movie series with an anti-corruption theme...
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