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2019/05/11 02:58:33
Encourage Each Other
I'll continue to share with my fans, about my collaboration with Guerlain from France. In respon...
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2019/05/10 12:09:32
Bee Love Beloved
I'm very honored that once again I was invited by Guerlain from France, to participate in a char...
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2019/05/09 12:05:00
The brand new episode of a globally well-received fantasy TV show from the US, has brought on a lot ...
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2019/05/08 04:02:05
Recently there have been continuous rain storms in Hong Kong, which has brought a lot of inconvenien...
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2019/05/07 12:24:43
A Type of Food
A study showed that if anyone eats only one type of food to survive, usually that person will start ...
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2019/05/06 02:34:01
I think everyone knows that the cruciate ligaments in my knee have previously been injured, so I hav...
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2019/05/05 01:31:13
At this day and age, people are used to receiving information on their smart phones. For instance, s...
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2019/05/04 07:15:07
Throw Down
Working with Tony Leung, the work I remember the most is director Johnnie To's "Throw Down&...
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