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2019/05/26 12:12:51
Setting the Record Straight
Recently there has been some incorrect information on the streets and on the internet regarding my p...
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2019/05/25 12:32:01
The movie "Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch", talks about how the gangster Logan and...
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2019/05/24 12:05:38
Friday That I Look Forward to
I heard that most people just aren't in the mood to work on Friday. Everyone looks forward to ge...
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2019/05/23 02:08:43
Certain travel hot spots and tourist points, will close down on occasion for various reasons. For ex...
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2019/05/22 01:44:04
Unlikely Expectation
The fantasy TV series that many people are crazy about, has finally aired the final episode. Because...
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2019/05/21 02:05:05
 This year Guerlain from France is once again collaborating with Plan International Hong Kong, ...
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2019/05/20 12:05:39
After the superheroes movie, there is another movie coming out that is about a huge monster. I have ...
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2019/05/19 03:01:15
The whole city is in a fervor to become a child again. What I'm talking about is a cell phone ap...
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