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A Good Night's Sleep
At the Box Office
A Perfect Answer
On Site in Shenzhen
The Concept of Balance
Work Mode
On Site in Beijing
Imaginary Enemy
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2019/06/13 04:19:12
Very often, the world seems unchanging. For instance, the working condition is not like you expect, ...
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2019/06/12 06:02:34
A Cup of Coffee
Speaking of life, actually we can use a lot of things for comparison, such as a glass of wine or a b...
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2019/06/11 12:09:27
Men's Armor
Some say suits are men's armor on their career battlefield. For a hot place like Hong Kong, we c...
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2019/06/10 05:22:39
Fighting to the End
As everyone is talking about Andy Lau and me working together again after more than a decade, in the...
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2019/06/09 11:29:46
Like an Arrow Pulled on a Bow
In about a month, the movie "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords" will be officially released. T...
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2019/06/08 03:52:39
Chasing Evil Away
Nowadays, besides eating Chinese tamales at the Dragonboat Festival, how many people would remember ...
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2019/06/07 05:39:00
A New Attempt
Last night the reaction to the premiere of the movie "Chasing the Dragon 2: Wild Wild Bunch&quo...
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2019/06/06 03:06:51
King of Durian
Tonight I came to the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Center to attend the premiere...
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