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Sultry State
A Lightbulb Moment
Make it Our Business
Over Possession
The Itty-bitty Matters
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2019/06/28 06:07:15
Sunrise Sunset
If we don't know the direction of the picture taken, perhaps it is not easy for us to know wheth...
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2019/06/27 12:34:20
Sunshine and heavy rain took turns making an appearance, and with having to go in and out of air-con...
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2019/06/26 00:00:00
Revitalizing Buildings
Although Hong Kong is small, there are still many buildings with historical value. Yet in recent yea...
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2019/06/25 12:15:01
Business Card
As an actor, we don't have business cards like in other vocations. We can only introduce ourselv...
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2019/06/24 01:15:02
Good Weather
It looked like we were getting some rare good weather recently. Working days that allow us to enjoy ...
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2019/06/23 03:06:38
My fans, how do you get along with your friends? Friends who have been living overseas for a long ti...
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2019/06/22 12:06:00
I Think, Therefore I Do
Everyone has heard about "I think, therefore I am", but actually if we change one of the w...
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2019/06/21 01:29:11
One Who Does Bad Deeds
The movie "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords" is about to be released, and the newest promotio...
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