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2019 Aug
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2019/08/20 12:23:16
Quality Over Quantity
I think everyone knows the "minimalism" living philosophy from Japan. Their way of simplif...
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2019/08/19 12:08:32
The Philosophy of the Brand
I attended the promotional activity for Asa Tiles' launching of their green book for the revolut...
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2019/08/18 12:32:39
A friend asked me for tips on financial management. Actually I don't really have any unique opin...
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2019/08/17 01:39:53
Evolution Types
Scientists state that if the flow of time were reversed, what happened in human evolution would be c...
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2019/08/16 04:39:53
Rapid Impermanence
A friend that practices Zen meditation, sent me a message of "rapid impermanence" (not per...
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2019/08/15 01:10:37
The Power of Letting Go
Of course it is a good thing when we have results from our work, but it is very foolish if we lose o...
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2019/08/14 12:52:08
Predicting the Future
Whether it is a leader of a company, or a very individualistic designer, they would all have many di...
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2019/08/13 12:27:01
Another Galaxy
Since long ago, many science fiction works explore all kinds of possibilities outside of Earth. As f...
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