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2019/08/30 02:33:44
After Autumn
I heard that Fall is here, and it is very likely that it has already left or getting ready to leave,...
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2019/08/29 01:21:11
Even though I often go to different countries and cities, over 80% of the time it is for work, so I ...
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2019/08/28 02:41:50
I often hear from elders about living and behaving. We must remember who we are, and not act in a wa...
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2019/08/27 01:00:44
Ordinary People
The so-called "ordinary people" that we often talk about, actually each of them are unique...
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2019/08/26 12:19:27
Understanding the Part
Because I participate in many movies about police and crime, some think that I must know the roles o...
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2019/08/25 02:25:05
The weather is so indescribably hot and muggy. Late at night there was finally some thunderous rains...
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2019/08/24 04:35:37
A brand new season of an American TV show about how the FBI analyzes criminals, has caught many peop...
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2019/08/23 02:11:56
The Future of Animation
As a matter of fact, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, old or young, there is no one tha...
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