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2019/09/06 02:27:07
No Need for Research
After reading a new study from the US, it left me a little unsettled. The study discovered that opti...
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2019/09/05 12:13:16
Perhaps many people think that it is difficult to see results from regular work meetings, and even s...
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2019/09/04 12:23:07
Taking Care of Life
I still haven't been able to achieve the "Danshari" style realm of life (remove clutte...
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2019/09/03 12:09:10
A friend sent me some interesting writings, discussing what it means to be someone who values practi...
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2019/09/02 12:36:10
The Amazon Rainforest, often called the "Lungs of the World", has been suffering fire afte...
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2019/09/01 01:09:00
Extraterrestrial Life
An artificially intelligent military robot, Fedor, developed by Russia, set off for the internationa...
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2019/08/31 01:55:03
Continuing to Work Hard
\Even though the type of work is different, on the job problems are all pretty similar. The most oft...
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2019/08/30 02:33:44
After Autumn
I heard that Fall is here, and it is very likely that it has already left or getting ready to leave,...
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